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Multi-Service Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Air-to-Surface Radar System Employment

September 2015

Corresponding Service Publication Numbers
USA - ATP 3-55.6
USN - NTTP 3-55.13
USAF - AFTTP 3-2.2

Description: This publication covers theater-level, air-to-surface radar systems and discusses system capabilities and limitations performing airborne command and control; wide area surveillance for near-real-time targeting and target development; and processing, exploiting, and disseminating collected target data.

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MTTP History

 2018 January  Request for Feedback
 2015 September  Published
 2012 October  Published (as ATCARS -- Airborne Target Coordination and Attack Radar Systems)
 2006 November  Published (as JSTARS -- Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System)
 2003 March  Published (as JSTARS -- Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System)
 1996 July  Published (as Joint STARS -- Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System)



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