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ALSA is a multi-Service organization established by the doctrine centers to develop tactical-level solutions of multi-Service interoperability issues consistent with Joint and Service doctrine.


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Feature Article

Aug. 1, 2021

A Whole-of-Government Response to the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative

The U.S. response to China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI) might serve as the first—and best—litmus test for how both nations might manage the shifting geostrategic relationship. To achieve its strategic objectives, the U.S. will need to bring to bear the full weight of its instruments of national power. This paper will assess U.S. challenges and opportunities concerning the BRI through a strategic lens consisting of the diplomatic, informational, military, and economic (DIME) instruments of power. It will deliver key decision makers an array of options to consider as the U.S. seeks to address the BRI.

Blast From The Past Article

July 15, 2021

CAS Lessons Learned at the Combat Training Center

The following is a synopsis of CAS Lessons Learned from four Air Warrior (AW) exercises conducted in the spring and summer of 1993. Like a mission briefing, the important items are listed in order from start to finish. As Army data were not available at press time, this information comes exclusively from USAF AW reports. CAS lessons learned include a mix of predeployment, air-ground coordination, weapons employment, and post-attack considerations.

Upcoming ALSA Events
Event StartEvent EndTitleLocation
8/10/2021 8/12/2021 ACC/A3 Joint Airspace Conference Joint Base Langley Eustis/Virtual
8/22/2021 8/27/2021 Nellis and NTC Engagement Nellis AFB
8/23/2021 8/26/2021 Fighter Integration Joint Working Group Nellis AFB
8/23/2021 8/27/2021 Brevity Joint Working Group Joint Base Langley Eustis/MS Teams
8/23/2021 8/27/2021 AF IT & Cyberpower Symposium Maxwell AFB
8/31/2021 9/3/2021 Future Fires Conference Fort Sill
9/15/2021 9/15/2021 Maneuver Warfighter Conference - TBD Fort Benning
9/20/2021 9/24/2021 Doctrine Developer's Course Fort Lee
9/20/2021 9/24/2021 AF IW WEPTAC Lackland AFB
10/11/2021 10/13/2021 AUSA Washington, DC
10/25/2021 10/29/2021 ISR Optimization Joint Working Group
12/6/2021 12/10/2021 ISR Optimization TBD
1/24/2022 11:00 AM 1/28/2022 11:30 AM ATSRSE TBD
6/13/2022 11:00 AM 6/17/2022 11:30 AM TAGS Joint Working Group TBD