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Multi-Service Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Aviation Urban Operations Tactical Employment of Biometrics in Support of Operations

April 2020

Corresponding Service Publication Numbers
USA - ATP 2-22.85
USMC - MCRP 10-10F.1
USN - NTTP 3-07.16
USAF - AFTTP 3-2.85

Description: Fundamental TTP for planning, integration, and employing biometrics capabilities at the tactical level in support of operations. It provides TTP on the intergation and employment of this data in operations at the tactical level for targeting, force protection, and supporting operations throuighout the intelligence cycle. 

Restricted Distribution

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MTTP History

 2020 April Published
 2020 January Command Approval Package
 2018 August Worldwide Review
 2018 March Project Approval Package
 2018 January Request for Feedback
 2016 May Published
 2016 February Command Approval Package
 2015 September World Wide Review
 2015 August Working Group 2
 2015 June Working Group 1
 2015 March Program Approval Package
 2015 January Request for Feedback
 2014 April Published




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