ALSA MTTP hard copy ordering information:

  • For Army units, order MTTPs (ATP #) using your unit publication account information at: On the line directly under the heading, hover over "ORDER PUBS/FORMS" and you will see a drop down that shows "Ordering Portal". Click it and it will redirect again to the site for placing orders.
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  • For Air Force units, the Air Force no longer prints hard copy publications. Your unit must purchase hard copies through either a local printer or DLA. You may contact DLA at Defense Logistics Agency Document Services (
  • For Navy units, the Navy will provide up to three hard copies at zero cost to your unit. You must establish an account through the Navy Logistical Library at Once you have an account you can reference publications for distribution on If the publication is available in print, the website will provide you with the option of ordering a hardcopy. For further assistance contact the Navy Warfare Development Command librarians at DSN: 341-4342 or 4339 COMM: 757-341-4342/4339.
  • For Marine Corps units, printed copies are limited but available through the Marine Corps Publication Distribution System (MCPDS). First, determine if your unit/command has an individual activity code (IAC). This code is normally assigned to the adjutant section/G-1. With an IAC order current publications directly through MCPDS. Without an IAC contact ADRE, HQMC at DSN 224-2951, 1712, 1713, or 4816 or commercial (703) 614-2951, 1712, 1713, or 4816 for instructions on establishing an IAC. For additional instructions reference

ALSA does not maintain a warehouse of MTTPs and has limited quantities on hand. If you are deployed and need a single hard copy, contact the ALSA pubs officer at Please provide your official mailing address as well as the LONG TITLE of the requested ALSA publication.

Note: Most MTTPs have a distribution restriction located on the front cover.

 JFIRE local printing specific instructions:

  1. The tabbing on the bottom of the JFIRE publication. The front and back cover of the publication will extend out from the bottom 3/8 of an inch (hard paper to protect the internal tabs). The tabs within the front and back cover will be as follows: S/S, A/S, RED, MSD. "S/S" is the beginning of Chapter 2 (prior to page 7), "A/S" is the beginning of Chapter 3 (Prior to page 37), "RED" is the beginning of Appendix H (Prior to page 127), "MSD" is the beginning of Appendix I (Prior to page 135).

  3. On the back cover of the JFIRE, the Services have agreed to put the CASEVAC 9 Line briefing (Table 77. CASEVAC/MEDEVAC Briefing) on it.

  5. Paper size: 4.75X7, Binding: Wire-0 Tan Color-top bound, Paper: Test-tan, polyart 75LB or equal (tear resistant), Cover: Screen tint text & edge with 100% screen of Tan PMS 466.