Multi-Service Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for
Joint Application of Firepower

October 2019

Corresponding Service Publication Numbers
USA - ATP 3-09.32
USMC - MCRP 3-31.6
USN - NTTP 3-09.2
USAF - AFTTP 3-2.6

Description: This is a pocket-sized guide for integrating and synchronizing effects when in proximity of friendly forces and requiring detailed integration. This guide gives tactics, techniques, and procedures to minimize risks while conducting integrated joint and coalition weapons delivery.

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MTTP History

2019 October Published
2019 July Command Approval Package
2018 July Worldwide Review
2016 January Published
2012 Nov Published
2004 Oct Published
2002 Nov Published
1997 Nov Published
1994 Feb Published
1989 Jul Published
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