Multi-Service Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Strike Coordination and Reconnaissance

January 2018

Corresponding Service Publication Numbers
USA - ATP 3-60.2
USMC - MCRP 3-20D.1
USN - NTTP 3-03.4.4
USAF - AFTTP 3-2.72

Description: This publication describes tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) for SCAR mission tactical-level planning and execution and addresses operational considerations for effective application. TTP within this publication are not designed to be applied to targets in proximity to ground forces which require detailed integration with fire and movement.


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MTTP History

MTTP History

 2021 April Command Approval Package
 2020 December  World Wide Review
 2020 May  Project Approval Package
   Request for Feedback
 2018 Jan  Published
 2017 Nov  Command Approval Package
 2016 Dec  World Wide Review
 2016 Aug  Working Group 2
 2016 Jul  Working Group 1
 2016 Feb  Program Approval Package
 2015 May  Request for Feedback
 2014 Jan  Published
 2008 Nov  Published



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